Dimitrije Marković

PostDoc at TU Dresden, Chair of Neuroimaging.

I am interested in understanding computational principles and representations which humans employ to navigate complex and dynamic everyday environment. I currently focus on investigating computational mechanisms that underlie learning, inference and planning in dynamic environments in the presence of various sources of uncertainty. I try to describe these processes in the context of Bayesian inference, planning as inference and active inference. The approach consists of analyzing human behavior from the perspective of probabilistic behavioral models, that is, rational agents. Recently, I started exploring how the perception of time (or event durations) is incorporated within representations which humans use to describe structures of dynamic environments. An interesting question here is how temporal representations modulate the decision-making process and under which conditions it might lead to ‘suboptimal’ decision making. On a long run, I am interested in connecting the normative models of human behavior to neuronal level and self-organizing plasticity mechanisms which shape neuronal dynamics.

I am currently employed at the SFB 940/2 A9 project. Here is an up-to-date curriculum vitae.